Mountain Medicine Journeys (MMJ) is excited to be offering Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP) and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT). Ketamine is a legal ‘psychedelic medicine’ which can be used to enhance or even accelerate conventional psychotherapy. Psychedelics include Medicines such as psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, and Ayahuasca. We are offering KAP and PAT as an adjunct to ongoing therapy, or as a deep dive into psycho-spiritual awakening and growth. KAP and PAT involves the use of Ketamine or other psychedelics to assist in the healing process within a therapeutic setting and relationship. Psychedelics, including Ketamine, hold great potential as powerful healing medicines when used with Intention, appropriate Set, and in a safe, comfortable Setting.

KAP and PAT have been researched and demonstrated to be effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and trauma, as well as for those on the journey of self-exploration and spiritual awakening and growth. MMJ is offering psychedelic-assistance with preparation, support, and integration for clients seeking and participating in their “own psychedelic experiences” (plant medicines) outside of doing KAP sessions. We do not recommend nor suggest anyone use or participate in any illegal substances. MMJ only conducts psychedelic assisted therapy with legal psychedelics (currently only Ketamine). We encourage all clients to research any medicines and educate themselves on the legality, efficacy, and any potential therapeutic benefit.

What is KAP and PAT?
KAP and PAT are holistic therapeutic approaches using ‘psychedelic medicine’ as a vehicle to deeper self-understanding, supporting the letting go of outdated and dysfunctional patterns of behavior and thought, healing trauma, eliciting Inner-Healer, connecting to a spiritual self, creating neuroplasticity (rearranging of existing neuropathways) and neurogenesis (generation of new nerve cells), potentially influencing epigenetics (expressions of genes) and fostering a greater sense of connection to life. Using psychedelics in an intentional way with a trained therapist/facilitator has great potential for accelerating healing offering a greater reach into your unconscious while uncovering deep-seated patterns and processes. Psychedelic substances have been used as holistic medicines and in spiritual practices across the world for thousands of years. These powerful medicines and practices call upon your Inner-Healer and innate wisdom to heal the body, mind, and spirit. We see the client as the primary agent of healing focusing on the inner-directed process and the Inner Healer. If one sees the primary agent of change as ‘taking the drug’ then healing will be contingent on the drug but instead psychedelics are seen as a catalyst for change unlocking access to realms of experience previously unattainable allowing the client to move through deep healing. The goal in using psychedelics is not the reliance on the medicine rather the integrated experience the medicine offers.

What is Ketamine?
KAP refers to the professional and clinical supervised use of the psychedelic medicine, Ketamine. Ketamine is a safe, legal and FDA approved medicine with psychedelic properties. Ketamine was compounded and ‘discovered’ in the 1960’s and is classified as a ‘dissociative anesthetic’ commonly used in hospitals worldwide. Dissociation is a mental process that involves disconnecting from one’s thoughts, physical senses, emotions/feelings, or sense of identity. An anesthetic is a substance that reduces sensitivity to pain. At a sub-anesthetic dose (meaning you are still “awake” with the dose you would be administered), ketamine produces a non-ordinary state of consciousness and a psychedelic experience used with the intention of healing.

Ketamine is medically safe (for most participants) and can evoke profound, durable emotional and mental healing. KAP has impressive results in treating depression and trauma, as well as enhancing psychospiritual growth. KAP is an approach that combines Ketamine with integrative and supportive psychotherapy. Ketamine induces a profound altered and expanded state of consciousness which is highly effective for insight, reprocessing, and a catalyst for change and growth. It is a particularly effective medicine and modality for processing trauma and resolving depression.

In recent years, psychiatrists, medical doctors and other practitioners have been administering ketamine in lower, sub-anesthetic doses to treat pain, depression, and other psychiatric diagnoses and conditions. This “off-label” clinical application of ketamine for psychiatric and therapeutic use has become relatively widespread and has been studied extensively at prominent research institutions. The current research suggest Ketamine may provide rapid relief of depression symptoms.

Ketamine has typical routes of administration including intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM), sublingual (SL), and intranasal. Journey sessions with MMJ will typically use sublingual ketamine lozenges or troches.

What are Psychedelics?
Other psychedelic medicines which can be used in healing include Psilocybin, LSD, Mescaline, MDMA, Ayahuasca, Iboga, Cannabis, 5-MEO-DMT… These medicines have been used for millennia by peoples and cultures around the world. These medicines are being brought into the mainstream Western cultures in recent years, and have been studied and researched for the past 50+ years. These medicines have been traditionally used with indigenous peoples for healing, spiritual growth, community ceremony, and to attain wisdom and insight. Current medicines making their way into the more established therapeutic field include MDMA (pending FDA approval in near future), Iboga, Cannabis (already legal), and Psilocybin (decriminalized). MMJ can provide consult and information on various psychedelic medicines as they pertain to healing and therapeutic processes. MMJ does Not engage in any illicit nor illegal Medicine Work. Again, MMJ encourages all clients to research any medicines and educate themselves on the legality, efficacy, and any potential therapeutic benefit.

How does PAT and KAP work?
Unlike conventional ‘talk therapy’, PAT and KAP uses a psychedelic medicine to support the client’s process by accessing their innate wisdom and Inner-Healer. The medicine can clear ‘dross’ (the protective veil of Ego), interrupt negative thought patterns and perspectives, enhance interpersonal openness, and support a deeper engagement in the therapeutic process.

Prior to the use of a medicine, a sacred healing space is co-created with the client inviting a calm/solid/safe/open mental and emotional ‘set’, and ensuring a safe/comfortable/sacred environment (setting) to support the physical space to Journey. Creating the solid Set and Setting allows for a safe and sacred deep dive into experience and awakens your Inner-Healer.

You will have a skilled facilitator supporting your transition from “ordinary” to “non-ordinary” states of consciousness, as well as supporting you during your Journey. And, your Inner-Healer will guide you along… you will be encouraged to stay open, to surrender, to trust the process, to follow the Medicine… Having a therapist/sitter/facilitator familiar with these Journeys can greatly enhance the long-term positive impact and growth of the psychedelic experience as well as being able to support a difficult Journey with guidance, care, integration.

During the peak of the medicine clients often experience a realm of consciousness variably described as “cosmic,” “connected”, “ego dissolved,” and “boundless.” Participants often refer to this experience as “mystical”.

What can I Expect…?
Clients will be medically screened, by a personal or referred medical provider, for the appropriateness of using Ketamine in a therapeutic manner. (A medical screen is also highly recommended for anyone choosing to ‘use and participate in other psychedelic medicines.) Once medically cleared, clients will be provided a prescription for Ketamine which can be obtained from a local pharmacy. Then, a Preparation Session(s), Journey Session, and an Integration Session will be scheduled. It also might be recommended that clients continue in ongoing psychotherapy and/or continued KAP/PAT sessions.

Preparation Sessions
You will have at least one, if not several, Preparation Sessions to determine Intentions of the Journey, screening for appropriateness to engage with psychedelic medicine, being referred to a medical provider for the Ketamine and medically ‘cleared’ to imbibe and participate. You will be given a Journeyer Preparation worksheet to review and discuss with your facilitator, as well as several forms to complete.

Journey Sessions
You will be prepared for your Journey through the Preparation Sessions, as well as the creating of sacred space (Set and Setting) at the beginning of your Journey session. You will be asked to refrain from eating and drinking (fasting) for at least 4 hours prior to your Journey. The fasting helps open and clear your mind and body, and reduces any complicating issues of potential nausea from the medicine. You will be asked to bring personal items such as pillow, blanket, and any totems or objects to create an alter or have with you for support.

The Ketamine Journey session will last about 3 hours with about 30-40 minutes to create the sacred space of Set and Setting, about 75-90 minutes of Journey-Time, and the remainder time to begin re-entry to Ordinary Consciousness and the Integration process. Sitting/Supporting for Harm Reduction sessions with other psychedelic medicines can last 5-7 hours, and on occasion up to 10-12 hours.

Integration Sessions
Integration is a crucial part of the KAP/PAT process. Information from your experience will be processed and integrated creating a sense of absorption, completion and wholeness. We will help you integrate your experience finding wisdom through remembering, reflection, dialogue and curious questions. The Integration Session typically happens within 7 days of the Journey Session. And, integration will immediately begin to unfold following the Journey and will continue for days, weeks, or even months. Meaning, understanding, and incorporating your Journey will continue to happen. We encourage you to Not make any major life decisions within several weeks of a Journey allowing for integration to inform you of your choices rather than being emotionally reactive. There is the potential for a Group Integration Process with other KAP/PAT participants which can be supportive by having a shared space.

Next Steps
Following the Journey and Integration Sessions you and your facilitator/therapist will decide on next steps which could include beginning or continuing conventional psychotherapy and/or to have additional KAP/PAT sessions. An additional Integration session(s) could be scheduled to support the deepening of the KAP/PAT session.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek to find”

- Joseph Campbell