Reach provides the follow clinical therapy:

Adult Individual
I am not here to ‘therapize’ you. The therapeutic process is co-created - we collaborate through dialogue and ‘experiment’ creating opportunities to shift perspective, to heal old wounds, to communicate from the heart, to try-on new behaviors, to adjust/elevate moods, to calm anxiety, to shift the way we move through the world.

Adolescent Individual
Teenagers today have it WAY more difficult than in previous generations! So much exposure to and subsequent pressure from sex, college, jobs, violence, money, acceptance, drugs/alcohol, possessions, etc.! It is really hard for teens to discern all the external messages and balance them with their internal knowing. This disconnect can often lead to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, intense defiance and rebellion, drug and alcohol use, apathy, and discontent.

My role with teens is two-fold: a therapist working through the really tough stuff, and as a mentor to support action and movement while guiding them to live their lives based on values and character.

Anytime I work with an adolescent I always include the family in some capacity. The teen lives within a family and the family impacts and is impacted by the teen. In family therapy, we explore relationships, family power and personal power, independence and interdependence, parent roles, adolescent roles, hierarchy, expectations, communication, boundaries, and connection.

Intimate relationships can be wildly rewarding at their best and unbelievably frustrating at their worst. Couples are a unique system comprised of two individuals attempting to remain separate while simultaneously joining. A powerful and rewarding task that requires openness, understanding, empathy, power, vulnerability, giving, receiving, communicating, and trust. Each partner brings their passion, dreams, expectations, nuances, needs, wants, and “unfinished business” from previous relationships. Through couples work you are able to discover the innate ability to be in an authentic relationship; explore impediments to being fully present and available for your partner; deepen emotional and sexual intimacy; have meaningful commitments to your partner; and experience the wonderful joy of an intimate relationship.

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.
– Lao Tzu