“Thank you for a life changing experience and adventure!” – C.W.

“Amazing to be a part of today… thank you so much. You are awesome at what you do, you have found your calling” – B.P.

“Feel blessed to have found you.” – S.S.

“I value you and your work extremely highly…” M. P.

“I thank God that I have found you… and I am so thankful for the referral from by doctor” M. W.

“My life looked… chaotic when I came to you. Thanks for your guidance and support in recreating it and getting back on the trail to finding myself. Your care and insight has been inspirational” – G.J.

“I want to thank you for everything you have done for …, our family, and me. You are a gifted therapist and our lives have been enriched through your guidance. I am grateful for the mentor and teacher that you have been for …. He is transforming into an incredible young man and I have you to thank for being there for him through his challenges. – G. H.

“I feel so connected to my kids and they seem so calm. I am simply, utterly delighted about the time and money spent to do that. I am deeply grateful for your work with us.” K.S.

“I've told so many people about our (wilderness quest) and they've been so enthusiastic about it. What you did was really profound and made a huge difference for us.” K. S.

“I would do the wilderness (quest) again in a heartbeat. I thought it was an amazing experience!” – P. P.

“(you have) set the bar HIGH for what I look for in a therapist. I only hope I can find someone (in my new location) that can provide half the care you have.” – J.R.

“Derek … you shifted my existence in one single afternoon. What you do, how you are, and who you are is all so powerful – you embody the highest definition of the Lotus Flower – delicate, lovely and peaceful. When your very foundation digs deeper into the darkness of individual souls – you nourish the mud and lift them up thus making both them and you rise high. I bow deeply to you and the work you do.” - T.P.

“This time of year is all about the gratitude for me, and I hope you know you are at the top of the list. Your work with me has made a ton of difference, and your support of me has helped me not feel like I'm twisting in the wind. So thanks. Really and truly. I know this is how you earn a living, but I hope you also know your efforts have helped us grow and learn and improve.” – G.J.

“I have so appreciated your attention to … and I, and I have felt seen, supported, and so valued in your presence. You are truly gifted in the work you do.” – C.W.

“Hey Derek, just climbed quandary and couldn't stop thinking about the experience of going with you, I want to thank you for that, a lot of the things you challenged me on and opened my eyes up to has helped me so much turning my life into the positive position I'm in now!” – A.M.

“He is doing well…perhaps even better than ever…which is in no small part due to your extraordinary work with him. So THANK YOU Derek. There are times when I believe you saved his life. Straight up. … I watched him invest himself in his work with you and choose to learn with you and it seemed that so much shifted from there. With huge gratitude and love” – C. P.

“You have been a very significant source of support for me – you have laughed with me, cried with me, challenged me, and encouraged me. Your (input) has helped me improve my confidence, and the value I put on my own needs and wants. I feel more empowered to trust myself and speak my truths. I think you are exceptional at what you do and a wonderful human being! Thanks for the care, connection, and encouragement…” – M.M.

“We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves
after a journey that no one can take for us,
or spare us.” – Marcel Proust